REVIEW: VOODOO DEATH GUN June 16, 2017 Spokane Music Mag

Voodoo Death Gun creates a sound both familiar and flowing yet, a vibe old and raw. A hypnotic wall of sound that will have you spell bound. I will attempt to describe their groove by sharing a story. A story I heard as a kid spending the summer in Arizona with my grandmother and grandfather.

“…Some of the villagers believe that a witch was to blame, that it was voodoo. The child, playing at the bottom of the wash was caught unaware. One minute the sun was shining then the clouds gathered and it began to rain. The voice on the wind told the child that it was just fine to keep playing and not to worry. “Play child, play” the soothing voice told him. So, he remained in the wash and continued to play…”

Tucson is famous for it’s flash floods. The rain accumulates in the mountains and off in the distance is a gathering rumble. Faint at first but as the sound becomes progressively less distant, it rises to an ear crushing thunder. Standing near the edge of a wash the sand begins to vibrate and the wind gathers it’s strength being pushed in front of a giant wall of water. The bottom of a 100 foot wide 30 foot deep scar in the desert remains bone dry, shy of just a trickle, until that churning wall of water comes into view engulfing everything in it’s way. Playing in the bottom of the wash now is just pure folly, when this brick wall of water, sticks, sand and mud hits you, you will likely die.

Voodoo Death Gun took the stage at the Palomino Club last March and it was like standing in the bottom of the desert wash, adrenaline charged and mere seconds from death. A huge wall of sound with bass so tight it shook the entire stage. Guitars sounding as one destructive tsunami and pounding drums straight forward and tribal. Drawn in by the sound and mayhem cutting a deep scar in your brain, you succumb to the spell and are washed away. Voodoo Death Gun is conjuring a churning mash of Seattle vibe with a sixties metal influence. Clutch your tokens and horde your stick pins, the weather is changing.

Voodoo Death Gun lineup:
Chris Sandoval – Drums
David Jackson – Bass
Mike Romano – Guitar
Paul Goldman – Guitar / Vocals

To learn more about Voodoo Death Gun, check them out @ www.VoodooDeathGun.com or on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/VDGseattle

Written by:
Jeff Wheeler (aka Alias Jones)
FORMER Senior Staff Writer
Spokane Music mag


Dan Portland
June 15 2017


"Drop down and give me twenty!" This is the kind of music you need to take to the gym to blow off some steam. Voodoo Death Gun is a Seattle Based Hard Rock band that was formed in late 2016. With drop tuning, grizzly drums and heavy wet vocals the band drowns us with their own flavor of Hard Hitting Rock. With Paul Goldman on Guitars/Vocals, Mike Romano on Guitars, David Jackson on Bass and Chris Sandoval on Drums they are ready to work you into a frenzy. Thanks Chris Sandoval for posting to the Music Review Board Of Portland's Facebook wall. Dan Portland